CIF Giving You a Hard Time? Try Battle Rattle!

Have you ever lost some gear in an FTX? Perhaps your plates were stolen out of a container in Korea. Or maybe you have surplus gear that you want to sell but the surplus store is offering you pennies on the dollar. 

Normally, you’d search and search the internet for the gear you lost or have to pay insane amounts at CIF. However, with the new platform Battle Rattle, you now have an option to buy that gear in an online marketplace from others serving in the military . If you happen to have a surplus of gear, you can be on the selling end of these transactions as well.

The platform will include a mobile app to sell your military gear!

The platform is in development but will be available in just a few months. For now, you can sign up for early access at their website here

The site is service-member owned and operated and secured by It will include a location option that enables you to determine the distance you are from the seller. With the easy door-to-door shipping option, you can say goodbye to long lines at CIF. If you need gear prior to an ETS or PCS its worth the look! $

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2 thoughts on “CIF Giving You a Hard Time? Try Battle Rattle!

  1. Ready for the app!

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  2. Follow up! We have launched the website! Check it out at

    The app is coming soon!


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