Trying to see the game or snag those concert tickets? Try GOVX

Let’s depart from the education theme here for a bit and talk about some off duty fun. If you’re trying to find a decent deal on a number of products or tickets, take a look at GOVX. After uploading your DOD ID to the website, they offer a number of amazing deals. From YETI products to Benchmade, they offer exclusive details on some pretty cool gear.

Snag a YETI at a discount? You bet!

In addition to gear, however, GOVX offers tickets to sporting events, concerts, theme parks, And in some situations, you can even snag tickets to sporting events that are otherwise unavailable to the general public! This weekend, for example, most sections of the Braves-Dodgers series are sold out with only tickets in the hundreds of dollars remaining. However, GOVX has a number of tickets only available to military and offered at a discount. Not only do you avoid the fees charged by stub hub and other ticket resellers, you get the tickets at a discount to resale prices!

Tickets to sporting events are available at a discount through GOVx

For those of you looking for something to do this weekend, take a look at GOVX! I’ll see you at the game! $

Note: I do not have any affiliation with GOVX, but am simply conveying your options as an active duty service member

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1 thought on “Trying to see the game or snag those concert tickets? Try GOVX

  1. gives free tickets for events in your local area. I’ve been to several concerts and sporting events through it. You can pick between 1-4 tickets and pay no more than $15 for a “processing fee”. So essentially, you’re getting 4 x $60 tickets sometimes for $15.

    It is also available for Active Duty


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