Need to take a test to get into college? DANTES has you covered!

You read that right! As we continue our education theme, let’s talk about how to get reimbursed for taking a number of college related exams. Whether it is the GED, ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, CLEP, DSST, or PRAXIS, the defense activity for non-traditional education support program will reimburse you for your test if you are active duty, guard, or reserves with a valid CAC card.

The program is good for taking each exam one time and only reimburses the cost of the test itself. For those of you in the Army that have kept up with the news, the one test does not include the GRE you will be taking at Captain’s Career Course.

Take a look at the flyer above directly off of the DANTES website to see if you are eligible for the program. Make sure you follow the instructions so that you can take your exam and begin studying at the college of your choosing without any delays in reimbursement. Best of luck to all of the future test takers out there! $

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4 thoughts on “Need to take a test to get into college? DANTES has you covered!

  1. Great site! My company ( offers free tutoring to all active military for SAT and ACT, based on availability. Online sessions available for those remotely located or not within driving distance or affected by duty schedules. Spread the word and lets help our soldiers!


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