Tuition Assistance? You bet!

Let’s keep going with the education theme here! If you’re trying to get a degree while you are still in the military, tuition assistance is your best bet. The program provides up to $4,500 per (fiscal) year depending on your branch of service in assistance to pay for accredited programs ($250 per credit hour max 16 credits/year). The program will not cover books, flight training, retaking failed courses, or continuing education courses. It will cover the cost of accredited courses and labs.

Take a look at the links below to see what the procedures and requirements are for your branch of service.

Army                                                         Navy 
Air Force                                                    Marines
Soldier Scholar? TA will cover up to $4,500 per fiscal year in college tuition fees!

Check your service’s website to verify eligibility for the school, program, and additional service obligations required. Since I am in the army, we’ll take a look at the Army’s sign up procedures and ADSO.

  1. The Army offers up to $4,000 per year. Soldiers must request approval and receive it prior to starting their class on to receive funding
  2. Each course must be approved and be part of an approved degree program
  3. GoArmyEd will notify the Soldier when a course is approved or disapproved and provide reasoning for the latter
  4. All drops must take place on GoArmyEd and students must provide reasons
  5. If the Soldier wishes to take a class with a school that does not participate in the electronic GoArmyEd class schedule, a TA Request Authorization form must be completed in GoArmyEd. The TA Request Authorization will be routed to an Army Education Counselor to be reviewed and approved. Soldiers should allow extra time for this.  If the TA Request Authorization is approved, the Soldier will be notified by email. Soldiers must print the approved TA Request Authorization form in GoArmyEd, provide it to the school and enroll directly with the school. 
  6. Soldiers must acknowledge and electronically sign the TA Statement of Understanding (TA SOU) each quarter they wish to use TA. (source)

The program cannot be used to pursue a second Bachelor’s, second Master’s degree or PHD and incurs a 2 year ADSO upon completion of the education program. You cannot start the program until completion of BOLC/AIT/WOCC depending on your method of entry into the service and you must be serving on active duty to use the program. $

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