Vets In Entrepreneurship: Scott Hayford’s MustWants

Today we have the pleasure of featuring veteran entrepreneur, Scott Hayford who started MustWants™ , a Real Estate Technology company focused on greatly improving Military Members Search for their next Home. Scott is a graduate of the United States Military Academy who served in the Air Force upon commisioning. MustWants™ helps buyers Organize & Prioritize, Collaborate & Communicate with their partner and agent. MustWants™ is designed to help buyers and renters discover the perfect property that meets their needs and wants. We’ll take a look as he shares his experience as a veteran entrepreneur below:

A look at the MustWants mobile app

  • Tell us a little bit about MustWants™. How did you come up with the idea?

After 29 years in the military and 20 Permanent Change of Stations (PCS), my wife and I had developed a process and algorithm to organize the home search that allowed us to be more efficient.  It racked and stacked the homes we looked at leading up to our move.  This process and the algorithm was the basis for MustWants™.

  • What would you say drove you to start the company? 

The frustration of the tranche of real estate search engines and the disparate ways realtors communicated with their buyers.  It seemed very disjointed and it left us realizing we were missing different aspects of the next home that we missed from our previous homes. Those Musts vs Wants vs Haves and Don’t Wants… 

Many folks are playing with discovering a home without a realtor … The reality is, realtors play a vital role, so MustWants™ aids in that balance between the buyer’s desires and the strengths that an agent brings to the table. 

  • What resources have you found the most helpful from day 1? Do you have any tips for aspiring veteran entrepreneurs?  

Friends, mentors who have different experiences… Network is key, understanding that a network can truly empower, educate, and lift you up during the different phases of the process… You don’t have to do it alone.  So many folks with experience are willing to provide advice, guidance, and even introductions to help you.  

  • What has been the biggest challenge thus far as you’ve looked to grow the company?

The biggest challenge for Software development is the resources, the capital to make it real.  There are lots of tools out there for different business aspects, design aspects… but in the end developers are needed, and that takes capital or your network.  Finding and building a team that believes, and leveraging that to get going.  Also, there are a lot of accelerators, pitch events that can help with that capital or resources.  Some states have programs as well.  It’s a constant process of exploration, and engagement… sprinkled with lots of rejection.

  • How would you say that your military service prepared you for your role today?

As many have expressed before, perseverance, the ability to keep going even when it sucks.  “Embrace the Suck” 

  • Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Leverage your network, constantly grow your network.  Engage, and discover and keep pressing. MustWants™ still has a long way to go… we are staged in 26 states, 45+ Military installations and growing… we have a long way to go… but soon… military members will have a far better way to discover their next home, truly understand what their MUSTS and WANTS, HAVES and HAVE NOTS are when looking at the homes that are out there to buy or rent at their next assignment.  

To learn more about MustWants take a look at the MustWants page here!

To register interest in MustWants, please register here!

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1 thought on “Vets In Entrepreneurship: Scott Hayford’s MustWants

  1. MustWants is now Live on iOS and Android… we are able to empower Home Buyers in the Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, and Maryland near several large military installations as well.


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