Vets in Entrepreneurship: Erin Helle’s BC Global Investments

Today we have the pleasure of featuring veteran entrepreneur, Erin Helle, who started a company in the real estate industry. In addition to being a licensed agent and private money lender, Erin invests in real estate and coaches others to do the same. Her company, BC Global Investments was founded shortly after she left active duty and was named for her two daughters. We’ll take a look as she shares her experience as a veteran entrepreneur below.

  • Tell us a little bit about BC Global Investments. What got you into the industry?

After serving in the US Army for 14 years as an Engineer Officer, my first daughter was born. Not long after, I got the news that my husband and I would both be deployed in the same month, leaving our newborn baby behind. It was in the moment that I knew, even though I loved my job, that the Army was no longer going to work for me. I immediately resigned, having no solid plan for my future. 

I knew that I wanted to have a successful career and show my daughters the value of hard work but I also didn’t want to be tied to the typical 9-5 being told when and where to work. I wanted control over my income AND lifestyle. So, I embarked on the journey of finding the perfect solution that would allow me to not only spend time with my girls but also build a solid, stable future for my family. I purchased my first rental property and I fell in love with chasing the deal, negotiating, and the possibilities that real estate was going to bring me. In my first year in business, I purchased 19 doors and earned a six figure income. My portfolio now includes 38 doors and is valued at more than $3M and I am only just getting started! 

  • What would you say drove you to start your own company?

A desire for LESS! Less time away from my family, less effort spent working for someone else. I wanted simplicity and I wanted control over my life. I wanted to be paid what I deserved, but also needed flexibility to support my active duty husband and raise my two young daughters. 

  • What resources have you found the most helpful from day 1? Do you have any tips for aspiring veteran entrepreneurs?

Just GO FOR IT! It is NEVER the right time. It’s never convenient to uproot your life or start a business and the odds are stacked against you. The Army and corporate America want you to think that the only way is working for the man, stuck behind a desk, doing what you’re told. But there is SO MUCH MORE! And life can be so much better! Surround yourself with people who have this attitude! Network with those who already have the success you desire or are working toward it. Adopt an attitude of abundance and give back! 

  • What has been the biggest challenge thus far as you’ve looked to grow your businesses?

Fear. It’s scary, even three years in. Sometimes you feel like you’re all alone and going against the grain, but it’s worth it, I promise! 

  • How would you say that your military service prepared you for your role today? 

It taught me that I can take it. It taught me how to create quality systems and productive processes and constantly work to improve. It taught me how to deal with people. My military service made me who I am and has contributed in every way to my success as an entrepreneur. 

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