Emergency Housing Guide for Veterans

Today we will feature a guide from an external site that helps those in need of housing. With over 30,000 Veterans experiencing homelessness in 2021, these resources may be useful to you or someone that you know!

The increasing number of older Americans experiencing or at risk of homelessness is a little-known but growing concern among social service workers and those operating homeless shelters across the United States.

Several factors contribute to the spread of this epidemic:

  • The pandemic’s economic impact on many businesses and individuals
  • Health problems and medical bills that may have arisen as a result of the pandemic
  • The baby boomer generation is aging.
  • Rapid and sharp increases in housing and rental costs across the country, particularly in larger cities

A report titled “The Emerging Crisis of Aged Homelessness” predicts that the number of homeless older Americans will nearly triple by 2030. This information emphasizes the importance of seeking solutions and interventions while raising awareness about the resources available to those at risk of homelessness and the critical need for additional resources in the future.

Federal, state, and local programs exist across the country to assist Americans, particularly older Americans, in gaining access to resources such as emergency housing financial assistance, and rapid rehousing support. This guide will teach you about available emergency housing resources and how to get them.

What Is Emergency Housing and Why Do We Need It?

The role of emergency housing is critical in preventing a person from spiraling into further economic and health hardship if they become homeless. Although emergency housing is only temporary, it provides someone with the immediate ability to remain housed and safe. When a person becomes homeless, his or her mental and physical health is likely to suffer. For example, a younger homeless population faces the same or more health issues as older adults who have remained housed.

There are numerous reasons why an elderly American might require emergency housing. Renters may be evicted from their homes if property owners list their properties for sale in order to capitalize on rising housing prices. Some seniors may have chronic health issues that prevent them from working and saving enough for retirement and old age expenses. They may not have the support of close family or friends, which means they will have nowhere to live if they are evicted from rental homes or their home is foreclosed on due to an inability to pay their mortgage.

We’ve provided detailed information on emergency housing resources for older adults and seniors across the United States in this guide. We begin with programs that are available nationwide, such as those for older adults and, more specifically, veterans. Then, for each state, we list emergency housing programs. We’ve included contact information for each program, a brief description of the services available, and eligibility requirements for many. Those facing homelessness should, in any case, contact programs in their area for more information and access to any resources and support that can help them stay safely housed.

To learn more about this guide you can go to this link:https://www.caring.com/caregivers/emergency-housing-guide/

In addition to this resource, veterans should reference the resources below if facing challenges associated with housing:

Emergency Housing Programs for Veterans

VA Enhanced-Use Lease Program

The Enhanced-Use Lease program provides emergency shelter and safe housing for homeless veterans by transforming underused properties for veteran use in areas throughout the country. Where available, this housing program may be utilized by any veteran otherwise unable to access housing or remain housed.

Application Information

Senior veterans can call (877) 424-3838 or call or visit their local VA office to learn about available shelters in their area.

U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing Voucher (HUD-VASH)

The HUD-VASH program was created for homeless veterans across the country to give them access to permanent housing and the supports needed to keep certain benefits, including health care and counseling services. Veterans receive rental assistance through the HUD Housing Choice Voucher program and additional case management services through the VA. A very low income and service in an eligible military program are required to access this program.

Application Information

Senior veterans may apply online or call (877) 424-3838. They may also visit their local Veterans Affairs office to find out more or apply.

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