Transitioning? Try SFL TAP and CSP

Looking to transition out of the Army and don’t know where to start? If you’ve served 180 consecutive days on active duty or AGR you are eligible for SFL TAP. SFL TAP is a program aimed at assisting active duty Soldiers with their transition to a civilian career. It is recommended that Soldiers start the program 18 months prior to separation if they are transitioning out of the Army and 24 months prior to a full retirement. The program includes benefits such as pre-separation counseling, employment workshops, and career track training for entrepreneurs and those pursuing other careers. More information as to the specifics of training is available here. Be sure to block off time to ensure you are able to attend the training.

We can’t wear the uniform forever: Before you separate or retire, be sure to take a look at SFL TAP and CSP

After completing the 5-day workshop for SFL TAP, you are eligible to pursue up to 180 days of on-the-job training, an apprenticeship, or an internship with a number of eligible programs. We have highlighted this program before, but it’s worth another mention in conjunction with SFL TAP. A few programs to include HVAC repair, forestry and land management, and welding even offer PTDY if it is granted by your Commander. For more information on these specific programs, take a look at this link. Some of you may want to pursue internships with other organizations that aren’t specifically listed on the CSP website. The CSP is ultimately Commander driven so work with your command to determine what options you have. It is your transition, so you’ll get what you put into it! Our next post will describe a personal experience with SFL TAP as detailed by a recent participant, Clay Sohn! $

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