Certifications and Opportunities: The Institute for Veterans and Military Families

A good friend of mine recently pointed out additional transition assistance programs that are available for free. Established by Syracuse University and founded by JP Morgan Chase, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families offers a number of programs and services to help military veterans and their families. The institute hires a number of full time staff who specialize in providing data or services to active duty, veterans, national guard, reservists, and their spouses. We will highlight a few services and programs below:

Make informed decision with data from V-Start

We’ll start with data services… Looking to get a fresh start but don’t know what state or job is right for you? Programs such as V-Start and the Veteran Policy database will provide you with the information you need. Whether you’re looking at unemployment rates for veterans in certain states or whether or not you receive benefits for your veteran status in a state, its worth a look. Additionally, understanding whether your retirement pay is taxed or not may be a worthwhile consideration when you’re looking to move after retiring from the military.

IVMF provides a number of programs that you may find beneficial to you or your family

As for programs, we’ll highlight a few below:

O2O: Onward to opportunity, formerly known as the Veterans Career Transition Program, is a free, comprehensive career skills program that provides civilian career training, professional certifications and job placement support to transitioning service members, members of the selected reserves, veterans, and military spouses.

VetNet is a free, convenient online-based webinar program geared to educate and advocate for veterans and military families through business training, networking, career connections, workshops and resource tools that veterans need to know.

Boots to Business is offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as a training track within the Department of Defense’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP). 

EBV Accelerate is a 3-phase program that gives veterans with a successful business the tools and coaching to propel their business to the next phase: sustainable growth. Topics will include acquiring growth funding, rebranding for expansion, determining a sustainable growth rate, establishing partnerships, managing cash flow, and much more.

AmericaServes is a national-facing movement with three supporting business lines dedicated to building and sustaining community-based practices to best-serve military connected members and their families.

Take a look at their website for more information. These programs are free, effective, and aimed at helping you! If you enjoy what you’re seeing here, please leave a comment or subscribe below! Your feedback is always appreciated! $

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