Increased Spouse State Licensure and Certification Reimbursement

Are you and your spouse planning a PCS soon? Does this PCS cross state lines or is it OCONUS to stateside? If so, your spouse may be eligible for up to $1,000 in state licensure and certification cost reimbursement.

PCS Across State Lines? Get your spouse’s real estate license expenses reimbursed through 2018 NDAA policies.

The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act allows military spouses up to $1,000 in license and certification expenses when a PCS takes them back from an OCONUS assignment or over state lines. This funding covers expenses for spouses that require new licenses in new states such as real estate agents, teachers, and lawyers. The funding is available for all branches of service — the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Each branch of service requires different documentation to allow for reimbursement. For specific details, check out the military one source article here.

Generally, the following documentation is required but again, check with your branch for specifics:

  • Copy of PCS orders
  • Copy of old license or certification
  • Copy of paid receipt for new license or certification (and copy of new license/certification)
  • Spouse Claim memorandum (Navy)
  • Standard form 1034 (Army)
  • Marriage Certificate

The $1,000 reimbursement is an increase from the previously allowed $500 for members of the Army (to include National Guard and Reserve Components) per Army Directive 2020-01. The reimbursement applies for all expenses up to $1,000 with a paid receipt (a $500 certification cost will be reimbursed at $500).

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