Remote Work Opportunities for Military and their Spouses

2020 has been off to a wild start. With the Covid-19 pandemic causing people to avoid large gatherings, causing companies from Microsoft to Apple to close their offices, and causing schools to shut down and transition to remote learning left and right, a burgeoning cultural shift is upon us. Traditional office workers and their employers will likely become more and more comfortable with working from home. While this shift has been occurring for years, people’s desire for minimal human contact associated with Covid-19 will likely speed the process. An increasing number of remote positions will likely be available in the near future. This is beneficial for both members of the military and their spouses as the consistent cycle of PCSing can make it difficult to find consistent work with a move every few years. Today we will look at a few of those opportunities.


Xerox Heroes@Home: Xerox hires qualified military veterans and military spouses for at home employment. The company has job placements for jobs such as customer care agents, help desk specialists, and systems developers. Xerox works with veterans and military spouses to facilitate employment opportunities based on the potential employees experience and needs.

Amazon Military Spouses and Caregivers: Amazon offers part time, full time, and virtual jobs in customer service with flexible hours in North America. The company hires individuals both with and without a degree.

American Express Travel Agents: American Express sometimes hires travel agents for platinum card holders with at-home positions. The position requires that you answer calls and help American Express members as a personal concierge.

Retail Arbitrage: Retail arbitrage is the process of buying things in stores and selling them online at a significant mark-up. While it may seem like it wouldn’t work, some people make thousands shopping for items in stores and then selling them on Amazon and eBay. While hand sanitizer and toilet paper are currently banned from price gauging, other items such as specific toys and novelty items can sell at 100% mark-ups online.

Items such as baseball cards can go for significant markups on eBay and Amazon compared to their retail prices!


Tutoring: Have knowledge of a specific subject? Want to teach and tutor online? Sign up on to tutor others on the internet.

Freelancing: People often need certain tasks such as graphic design work or photoshop work completed and don’t know where to turn. If you have skills such as these, you can offer services on freelancing websites.

Call Center Representative: Companies such as Sykes offer military members and spouses priority as potential call center representatives.


Blogging: Some military spouses have found that they have a knack for writing blog posts that others find useful. Through advertising products, growing your influence, and writing creative posts, you can make a significant amount of money each month through online blogging. Take a look here to see one approach.

Social Media Influencing: Influencing is another interesting approach for remote work if you have a particular talent (and a new approach). For example, you can harness your ability to cook, garden, or paint and use it to promote products on sites such as instagram. With enough followers, you can leverage your “influencer” status to promote products, sell products using discount codes, or even start your own brand of products to make money.

With the number of job options online likely to increase in the near future, it might be worth considering looking at a side hustle or part time job to increase your income. We hope you enjoyed this post. Let us know if you have any additional suggestions on how to leverage remote work for additional income! $

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