Free Military Christmas Tree Program: Trees for Troops

It’s that time of year again! Many of you have probably seen flyers around your military installation advertising free Christmas trees for Troops. Each year, the Christmas Spirit Foundation donates trees to Troops and this year is no exception. This year, the organization intends to donate around 14,500 trees to 79 military bases. Since 2005, the organization has given 243,955 trees to members of the military. So how do you get a Christmas tree this year?

First, take a look at this map to see if the organization is giving away Christmas trees in your area. If trees are being distributed to your area, it is worth checking out your installation’s Facebook page. Some installations are limiting distribution by rank (Fort Bragg for example, is E-6 and below) while others are not. Designated pickup locations and requirements vary depending on the post.

Donate to the Christmas Spirit Foundation to help Trees for Troops meet their mission!

Not Eligible but Want to Give Back?

Trees for Troops and the Christmas Sprit Foundation accept donations at their website here but there are other options for those who want to donate. For federal employees who donate to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a portion of those proceeds go towards the Trees for Troops initiative. Additionally, Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of your purchase price on purchased items to the Christmas Spirit Foundation if you choose them as your charity of choice.

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  1. Good job, nice post pertaining to The Christmas Season.


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