Top Veteran Charities for your Giving Tuesday!

Each year, in the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday aims to enable people to show others their generosity by giving their voices, time, money, and goods to those in need. The aim of giving Tuesday is to help those who need it most — and in the midst of this pandemic your generosity will be felt now more than ever. Whether it means giving to a food bank in a time of crisis or donating to your favorite veteran charity, you can truly make a difference this year. As an active duty service member, your job security means a lot this year and giving back to the community during the holidays is the least that we can do.

Below, you will find a list of charities aimed at helping Veterans in a time when some may need it the most:

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans:

NCHV is a charity aimed at ending veteran homelessness by shaping public policy, promoting collaboration, and building the capacity of service providers. With over 39,000 homeless veterans in the United States, the organization works tirelessly to help those in need. If you think you’d like to donate, click here!

Service to School

Service to School is an amazing organization designed to help Veterans get into college. Run mainly by volunteers, the organization pairs students with mentors and assists them with school admission. I have personally helped a few undergraduate candidates and cannot recommend this organization strongly enough. Donate here!

Help Veterans get into school by donating to Service to School today!

Life Skills For Soldiers

Run by a group of recently ETSd Army officers, Life Skills For Soldiers is aimed at equipping service members with the life skills they need. The program’s train the trainers concept is designed to teach those giving the class how to ensure that their Soldiers are educated on important topics such as purchasing a car or budgeting. Click here to donate!

Crisis Text Line

Crisis text line is an organization aimed at helping those in moments of momentary crisis find calm and peace and aims to help those with mental health problems. The platform enables thousands of volunteers help those in need when they need it most. Veteran suicide is a real issue, and volunteers with this organization help others through suicidal ideations daily. To donate, click here.

Fisher House Foundation

Ever pull up to a VA hospital and see the Fisher House next door? The Fisher House foundation provides these homes to families of military members in need when their loved ones are in the hospital. With COVID-19 preventing many visitors from entering hospitals, now is a great time to give. Click here!

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