Free Sports for Veterans with VETSports!

Today we’ll look to highlight an amazing non-profit in the sports space designed to get veterans involved in sports. VETSports was founded in 2012 by three combat veterans and aims to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being through sports participation for veterans. The program is designed to reintegrate veterans into their community through sports, volunteering, community service events, and partnerships.

Photo from VETSports official website

Program membership is free for veterans and allows them to connect with program leaders in their local community. Upon signing up here, a local leader will reach out and follow up with what is available in your area.

The program pays for uniforms, league fees, and equipment for those looking to participate in local sports leagues. The opportunity also exists fort those looking to compete in sports at the next level to pursue a career as a professional athlete. VETSports also has a scholarship-internship program aimed at helping Veterans as they go through school. They can potentially manage a team at their university or serve as a coach or receive a stipend for school. The organization has 35 chapters around the country and you can also volunteer to lead a chapter in your area.

Veterans do not need to be disabled to join the program and it is also available to first responders. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to sign up!

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